On October 6th, 2020 a webinar entitled «Agricultural Taxation in the EU: Lessons for Ukraine»  was organized by the Agriculture Committee of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and supported by the German-Ukrainian project Agritrade Ukraine (ATU) More
The role of government programs and measures to stimulate exports is becoming increasingly important in the development strategies of countries, especially developing countries, which seek to make exports the engine of economic growth. More
Огляд обсягів вирощування культур на сьогоднішній день і перспектив їх комерційного виробництва в різних кліматичних зонах України та експортного потенціалу. More
After analyzing the competitive capacity and export potential of certain crops already grown in Ukraine, this publication highlighted two crops that have the greatest potential for sale to EU countries: sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. More
In recent years, the development of the national quality infrastructure in Ukraine has made great strides in development in order to lay the foundations for equal participation of the private sector of the country's economy in foreign trade with many countries around the world. More