On June 25th, 2019, the Information Evening "Organic Exports from Ukraine to the EU" was held at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized by the project "Agritrade Ukraine" and the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

To present the latest news from the organic market and exports Oleksand Kaliberda (Project Cooperatio in Organic Agriculture), Yuliia Voroshchyk (Organic Ukraine), Serhiy Halashevskyi (Organic Standard), Mariia Makhnovets (Ukrainian Organic Cluster) and Klaus-Jürgen Holstein (Foodexpertise GmbH) were invited as speakers.

Among the main point of the evening were:

  • there is a rapid and steady increase in exports of organic products in Ukraine since 2009
  • Ukraine takes 4th place by volume of imported organic agricultural products in the EU
  • The largest importers of Ukrainian organic products are the Netherlands and Germany
  • Germany is a leader in the product range of imported organic products from Ukraine (about 39 items, including grain crops, fresh and frozen berries, apples, but also tomato paste and ice cream)
  • On August 2, the Law of Ukraine " "On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Turnover and Labelling of Organic Products", which takes into account the European experience in introducing public-private control system for the organic sector of agricultural production, takes effect.
  • In the near future, the European Commission plans to introduce an electronic signature for export certificates, which should facilitate the process of customs clearance of products

Both Ukrainian and international experts stressed on the importance of personal and trusted business relationships with buyers and of the cooperation both with producers and organizations ofr the further export development. 



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