On June 19th, 2019, within the framework of the International Field Days in Ukraine, an agricultural panel discussion “Opportunities and Threats of Agricultural Business in Ukraine” took place.

The event was made possible by joint efforts with the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the German Agricultural Society DLG International e.V. and, above all, thanks to the invited speakers who shared their views on the current state of the agrarian business, on the perspectives for its development and the problems that exist. Amon the speakers were Dietrich Treis (DTC Agri-Consulting), Evgenia Prudko (CMS Reich-Rohrwig Heinz), Kostiantyn Zinchenko (The State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy,Cartography & Cadastre), Hermann Intemann (German Embassy in Ukraine), Oleksiy Spivak (The Business Ombudsman Council).

"Forewarned is forearmed" - this thesis became the main point of the key issue of discussion - raiding. All experts stressed the fact that the most effective way of preventing raidings is the constant monitoring of the status of the owner of the enterprise, the transparency of their own business and a quick response in case of a raiding attack.
Although, according to the speakers, raiding is a systemic problem (since often criminal cases do not even come to trial, and new laws can not guarantee their compliance in the future), one of the possible warning tools could be the introduction of an electronic notification system for applied registration to the state registrar. Such a proposal was submitted by the The Business Ombudsman Council to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and is currently being considered by the Ministry.

Does raiding affect the investment climate in Ukraine? - Indeed, this makes some investors take a step back and give up investments. But despite the possible risks, an increasing number of investors makes a bet on the country's potential and resources.

Along with the pannel discussion Agritrade Ukraine also participated at the booth of the Projects of Bilateral Cooperation Program (BKP) of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agiculture BMEL.


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