On 06/09/22 the 10th delivery of BROT-BRÜCKE Ukraine (Bread Bridge Ukraine) took place and so far 171 pallets of bread have reached the people in need in Ukraine.

This initiative is possible thanks to two associations:

1. The non-profit company ATELIER ERNÄHRUNGSWENDE gUG, which initiates numerous projects to develop sustainable production methods and to change consumer behavior

2. Freie Bäcker e.V., an independent professional organization founded in Hanover in 2011 by artisanal bakers and confectioners from Germany, Austria, Poland and northern Italy.

In mid-March, both organizations considered how they could contribute to the care of the people affected by the war and contacted the Coordination centre. As a result of the joint considerations, artisanal bakeries began to bake nutritious bread with a long shelf life in extra shifts, and on 29.03. the first 8000 loaves of bread were collected from 12 bakeries and transported to the Polish interim storage facility in Strzałkowo. From there, the loaves of bread went to the Ukraine in a very short time and were redistributed.

More than 55,000 breads, panettones and nut wedges have already been baked by bakeries throughout Germany and the 11th delivery is already in preparation.

A big thank you to all bakers for their big heart and commitment to Bread Bridge Ukraine.

Representing everyone involved, below are photos of bakeries and, of course, of the arrival in Ukraine.

1. Arrival in Ukraine

2. Rasche Wholebread Bakery, Zernien, Germany

3. Schüren Bakery, Hilden, Germany

4. Meffert Wholebread Organic Bakery, Lemgo, Germany 

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