On April 29th, 11 a.m. takes place a webinar Financial solutions for farming land owners and investing into modern agritechnologies.

With the ongoing establishment of Ukraine’s land market, farmers, producers and financing institutions in Ukraine are facing special challenges: Farmers as individuals are already able to buy land and will want to use this unique opportunity as an investment into the future - however, simultaneously they need to invest into regular agritechnologies (seeds, agrimachinery, etc.) as before. This challenge of financing both the unique opportunity of buying land while securing their ongoing farming business will apply to juridicial persons from 2024, too, when they will be allowed to purchase land, but need to keep their agrimachinery fleet and other technologies up-to-date in order to conduct a profitable business.

The workshop will discuss solutions for this (at first sight) challenging dilemma farming land owners will be facing in the future and present ideas:

  • How can simultaneous investment both in land and agritechnologies be secured?
  • What are the central questions for future land owners?
  • How are financial institutions preparing for the ongoing land market reform in Ukraine?
  • What solutions do they suggest to Ukrainian farmers?

The webinar aims to convene farmers, producers and financing institutions to provide an exchange on issues central to the agribusiness both in Ukraine and Germany.

The event is held by the Committee on Agriculture and Food with AHKUkraine, in partnership with Agritrade Ukraine and with the support from German Agribusiness Alliance.

Date, time: April 29th, 11:00 - 12:30 EEST

Format: online, Zoom

Program: Webinar

Registration under the link. Code for registration: UKR2904

Registration is open till 27.04.2021

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